Web presence workshop 1: activism, support, and volcano sacrifices

Today I ran a couple of short workshops for students visiting Curtin. They developed a digital strategy for their campaign, business, or organisation, and presented their plan in lightning talks. Here’s some brief feedback:

1 The cool kids club: addressing parents and children. Ads, website forums, FB page. Asking people to post positive reviews. Suggestion: you need to think carefully about issues around privacy – how will you create a safe space for people to talk without being identified?

2: “You can help”: messages to friends of teenagers with mental illnesses. Mainly using FB. Suggestion: again, consider how you’ll manage privacy and moderation – how will you help make this a safe space?

3: Racial representation in performing arts. Looking at colour casting, stigma around casting PoC in movies, musicals, etc. Worked together as a community that puts on plays with colour-blind casting. Tumblr, crowdfunding, Twitter for announcements, use tags to gather community around the organisation. Suggestion: this is an excellent idea, and you’ve thought carefully for strategies linking local productions with a broader community. Just be aware that you may need to engage in careful moderation of some of the platforms you’re using (which could be a place to ask allies to provide support).

4: New religion: ‘despair’. Mission is to sacrifice children to a volcano. Snapchat and Tumblr to spread our message due to their passionate approach. Audience: the elderly and those over 16, as they’re safe from sacrifice. One issue to consider: a potential mismatch between your chosen platforms and your key audience. Maybe consider a TV slot to inform the elderly about the exciting potential of your religion!

5: Gun control in the US: key communities – general public and young adults, Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter. A suggestion: consider how you’ll differentiate yourself from other similar campaigns – how will you build on and expand their work?

6: Recognition in the Australian Constitution: broad range of audiences. Instagram and Facebook, TV shows and Facebook for the older generation. Suggestion: think careful about how to centre Indigenous analysis and voices.

7: Political organisation, The Blues, for conserving water: through Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter because of their passion. Suggestion: think about how you’ll connect with local communities and councils.

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