Post-Arab Spring Tunisia: Decentralisation and Local Democracy

Building on the research Christalla Yakinthou and I recently publishing on Internet governance in Tunisia, I’ll be speaking at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation’s symposium, Post-Arab Spring Tunisia: Decentralisation and Local Democracy in July. There’s an amazing line-up of speakers, including many people who seem to be at the forefront of work in Tunisia, as well as researchers and practitioners from Indonesia, so I expect that I’ll learn a lot.

As well as finding out more about what’s happening in Tunisia and Indonesia today, I’m interested in how people are framing (and critically examining) notions around democratisation, particularly in the context of decentralisation. There are many interesting experiments happening around the world in different versions of more direct democratic processes (including many facilitated by the Internet), and there are interesting possibilities for cross-fertilisation here.

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