Web presence 2: dad-bods, activism, and pizza

1: ab hancer – “get a six pack in seconds – you don’t need to work out to get hot abs”. Audience: middle-aged dads. Marketing ab hancers on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe spam email. Suggestion: perhaps reconsider sending spam email!

2: Community group about awareness and acceptance of your and other heritages. Project Heritage. Spreading this through Instagram mainly, with a target audience of younger people. Personal stories along with a photo. Online personalities like YouTubers and refugee support groups. Suggestion: this sounds great! Just consider how you’ll manage cross-promotion (sharing content across accounts, and getting the celebrities you’re working with to share your campaign), and perhaps have someone in mind to moderate comments.

3: Education for children in offshore asylum centres – “Refugee children are still children and they have a right to education”. Facebook and Twitter, mainly aiming at the younger generation. Spreading awareness through schools, connecting with online communities. Suggestion: The idea of connecting with specific schools is a good one – you might think about how you can get local communities to send support (including books and other learning resources) to children in detention.

4: “Back to Basics” – pro-organic food movement. Audience – young parents, pregnant women, people who go to farmer’s markets. Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Snapchat for a daily reminder, Instagram for food bloggers and health and fitness accounts. Suggestion: consider how you might differentiate your campaign from other similar campaigns.

5: Political campaign to increase the demand for organic food – an unhealthy food tax, with the money from that being used for healthy food. Advertising it through Facebook and Instagram to reach young audiences. Suggestion: telling young people that the food they like will be taxed more might be a hard sell – consider how you’ll make this message more positive.

6: Encouraging people to download the app to ‘hit the A button’. Ads on Spotify. Suggestion: develop your idea in more detail, consider using independent music platforms like Bandcamp.

7: Budget pizza business: “budget pizza any time any place (in Perth)”. Yelp, Google Plus (for reviews), Twitter to advertise discounts. Suggestion: consider developing the personality of your brand online to help it stand out from the competition.

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