Upcoming talk in the Bay Area: Anarchist perspectives on feminism

A black and purple flag, bisected diagonally.Where: The Sudo Room, 2141 Broadway, upstairs (entrance on 22nd. St.), Oakland.

When: 3pm to 4:30pm, Sunday 22nd June.

Cost: entry by donation.

RSVP: in the comments here, on the Facebook event page, or by email (scroeser at gmail).

What: This talk is a brief introduction to anarchist strands of feminism. It aims to provide an overview of the history and concepts that underpin anarchafeminism, and to open up discussion about how anarchafeminist approaches might be useful today. Reclaiming our radical histories provides us with vital resources. Too often we don’t have access to stories about the people and movements who have faced issues similar to those we are addressing today. We have to reinvent tactics and ideas. For those frustrated with the limitations of mainstream, predominantly liberal or neo-liberal feminism, anarchafeminism offers helpful frameworks for thinking about class, race, gender relations, organising methods, and feminists’ relationship to the state. We’ll close the session with a discussion about how to apply these ideas to areas people are working on today.

About me:
I’m a teacher, researcher, and activist currently based in Toronto. My work focuses on how activists use and shape technology, and about how to build possibilities for radical social change. If you’d like to see me give more talks and workshops more often, please consider supporting me on gittip.


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