Never again! Against racism and fascism in Greece

In my previous post, I wrote about the growing neonazi movement in Greece and links with the police. However, I also mentioned that there were many signs of resistance to this. This weekend, antiracist and antifascist groups from Greece and around the world will hold a variety of actions that remember the coup which brought the junta to power on 21st April, 1967. I’m trying to put together an overview of some of these events, and I thought I’d share a little of it (perhaps some foreigners in Athens this weekend may even appreciate some English information) – click the pictures for more information (in Greek): [Please excuse any terrible translations, my Greek is struggling with political jargon and slang – feel free to add corrections in the comments, or to suggest other events]

Throughout the weekend, the Embros Theatre in Psirri will host a range of activities. These include documentaries, discussions, and workshops. It’s also great to see that there are many activities for children, especially on the Saturday.





On the 19th and the 20th, there will be events at Antiviosi [Antibiotic] Squat from 7pm on. On the 19th, this will focus on experiences from the Russian antifascist movement, and they will show the documentary “Antifa attitude”. On the 20th, there will be a discussion around ‘stories from the extremes’, with a video from Antifa Salonica.




On the 21st, a gathering will be held in Messina Square at 11:00 in the morning.



On the 21st, there will be speeches and a concert in Freedom Park on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue from 5pm onwards.

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