Upcoming travels…

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be travelling in Europe for a few conferences and workshops:

The Internet Research Conference 13.0 Conference in Salford, UK, which has an excellent line-up of of plenary speakers and a great program. Tim and I will be presenting in the session on ‘Politics and Civic Engagement’, which also includes talks on Twitter and Australian politics, ‘YouTube and Civic Engagement’, and ‘Resource Sharing in Occupy Twitter Networks’. I’ve been drawing on the work of quite a few of the researchers presenting, and I’m looking forward to hearing them talk.

After that, I’ll be stopping in at the Anarchism Today workshop at Goldsmith’s College, London, “a day long workshop that will explore the meaning and significance of anarchism today in the humanities and social sciences, as well its relevance to contemporary struggles and movements such as Occupy and the Arab Spring.

Finally, I’ll be going to the FoME Symposium, From Online Activism to Offline Action: Digital Media and the Democratic Sphere. This articulates well with my work on the digital liberties movement, and hopefully will also contribute to important debates around the uses of the Internet in activism.

If you’re going to any of these, please feel free to say hi in the comments or on Twitter.

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