A new blog for a new year

While I was writing my PhD I kept a blog, witty title pending. I was fond of it, and appreciated having a space to share my work. I found, when I finished my PhD, that I got less and less enthusiastic about writing there.

So this is my new blog. What will I put here? Publications, when I have them. Brief reflections on my research and activism. Bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere else.

I have an odd mix of projects for this year. I’ll continue teaching, do some work with the Bluestocking Institute and the EFA, and hopefully get another research project up and running. I’m sure there’ll be some surprises in there, too. Hopefully there’ll be a few interesting things to blog about.

4 thoughts on “A new blog for a new year

  1. Hello again dear Urania/Akasha/Sky/Haven’s Gate,
    I will urge you to know more about Gene Sharp as you do seem to be one of the rare smart cookies I do encounter.That was a term of endearment.
    Please keep me posted.
    Never give in or up !!!!!!

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