Quandaries of apparently contradictory feelings

I’ve been thinking about ‘space’ for a long time. But usually I’ve come at it indirectly, though some other kind of engagement. The battles over globalisation, the politics of polace, the question of regional inequality, the engagements with ‘nature’ as I walk the hills, the complexities of cities. Picking away at things that don’t seem … Continue reading Quandaries of apparently contradictory feelings

Research ethics/research subjects

Over the last few days I've stumbled across a few different texts that relate to research ethics and the ways in which we treat the subjects of research... I. The first, Jennifer Earl's (2000) 'Methods, movements and outcomes', advocates a more rigorous approach to the study of social movement outcomes. Earl outlines some of the … Continue reading Research ethics/research subjects

Productivity, research, and academia

My new position, happily, gives me a little space and time to work on research and writing. I love this aspect of academic work: learning, thinking, trying to construct and reconstruct analyses. I'm working on a few projects at the moment, including transcribing some interview material from my trip to India, sending out book proposals … Continue reading Productivity, research, and academia